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Poster: PDpolice Date: Jan 19, 2016 2:45pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Removal of flagged content

There are many issues being discussed in this forum thread. Most of them are "wishful thinking" at best as the "Internet Archive" has shown no interest in the thoughts of file creator/up-loaders or site change suggestions and criticism by those creators.
But this mention of identification being part of the process is a subject I would like to comment on. I am against any internet activity or any machine interpreted action being attributed to a physical human. I am not my computer. The contents of my internet connected machines data storage is only partially under my control and is easily changed by outside parties. At no time can everything on the machine be vouched-safe by me. For all I know the machine is used by government agencies to broadcast spam while I am away from it. Those could easily be marked as coming from "me".
In the case of uploads to the Internet Archive, there are other drawbacks to the idea of positive identification as a requirement to upload. For instance, I am currently one of several individuals who contribute to a collection of items. Although we upload files and create pages using a template of metadata, the whole collection is not under control of any one individual. The idea of having only one "person" be able to access the collection is inefficient.
At some time this entity will no longer be able to collect, curate, or upload items. Should that be the end of the historic items I now contribute to a collection here?

Identity does not matter to ideas. And, if they do, so what? My cat accidentally typed one of these words when it walked on the keyboard. Did it have more/less meaning? For all I know this forum is the output of that room full of monkeys typewriting I used to hear so much about. And yet the words do seem to be meaningful.
I hope this translated into english properly. Those characters look wrong.